Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Historic Night

Wow - what an election! I'm glad everything appeared to go alright and we didn't have any "dangling chads" or anything else!

I have to say that I voted for Obama and I'm very glad that he won. But it wasn't until last night night when the entire Obama family came out on stage that I realized how important this step in American history could be for my kids. I've mentioned before that we are a transracial adoptive family. My husband and I are Caucasian and our kids are Latino/a. They were born in Guatemala and have brown skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair. When I saw the beautiful Obama family standing on stage last night, I couldn't help but think what great role models they can be for my kids. My kids can see that no matter the color of your skin, you can lead the United States of America, or be married to the person who leads the United States of America. I'm assuming that neither of my kids would want to be President (in fact, they can't be President, since they weren't born in the U.S.), but just the message that if you work hard, you can be whatever you set out to be is a great one to learn at this age.

I wish Barack Obama all the luck in the world - he has a huge job ahead of him.