Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where is Lamb?

I'm sure all parents have to deal with irritating things about their kids. One of Buddy's most irritating "qualities" is his persistence. When he knows he's bugging you, he just won't stop.

Case in point: We have a 2.5 year old labradoodle named Boomer. When Boomer was a puppy, Buddy gave him the nickname of "Lamb". He's the color of a lamb, but he doesn't look anything like a lamb.

At least 25 times a day, Buddy asks "Where is Lamb?" Boomer might be laying right next to my chair, or he might be standing right next to Buddy. But Buddy persists in asking the question over and over. It is soooooo irritating. We threaten him with a consequence if he doesn't stop asking. We say he can't have any computer time. We mimic him by saying "Where is ______?" and adding a girl's name that we think he might like. We ignore him. We yell at him. He just won't stop. I know he does it when he's bored or when he's looking for attention. Sometimes negative attention is better than no attention at all.

If Buddy wanted a dog that looked like a lamb, maybe we should have gotten one of these (a Bedlington Terrior)!



byterslair said...

wow cute!

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Christine said...

Regan does the same thing. We have just discovered it is almost an insecurity of hers. She just wants you to tell her again the answer to the question she has asked a million times. I think she just genuinely wants to be reassured that she is heard and matters. I ususally remind her that she has already asked, and answer it again, and remind her that the answer hasn't changed. If it helps though you are not alone.

Marrid66 said...

That's cute! I know kids can be irritating at times but the joys outweigh the rest.

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Kim said...

What a cute the blog.
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