Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catholic School

My kids attend a PreK - 8th grade Catholic school. The public schools in our area are great, but we've been very, very happy with the education the kids are getting at the Catholic school. The things they are learning that kids don't learn at the public school are especially evident this time of the year. Next week Missy will have her Christmas program. The second through fourth graders put on an awesome musical that centers around Christ's birth. They sing Christmas songs that I learned in Sunday School when I was a kid. I love the fact that they can sing about and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

One of the things I was very surprised about was "back in the day" when Buddy was in first grade. He had a nun for a teacher that year. He came home with a menorah that he had colored and told me all about Hanukkah and how people of the Jewish faith celebrate. I was so glad that even though they attended a Catholic school, they were being exposed to other people's beliefs.

Buddy only has 1.5 years left at our school and then he will move on to the public high school (there's no Catholic high school option here in town - we could send him to a Catholic high school 20 miles away, but we'd have to drive him every day and the tuition is out of our price range). The day he walks out of our school for the last time as a student, I will be very sad! It's a good thing that Missy will have four more years there before we "graduate" from the school all together.




Marrid66 said...

I always love to watch childrens Christmas programs. Most of nieces and nephews are grown up now. bummer. Can I ask how you made your cute signature at the bottom of your post?

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