Wednesday, March 10, 2010

School Gala

I am the co-chair for our school's annual gala - the largest fundraiser of the year. It's a lot of fun but a lot of work too! This year we've decided to ask the classrooms to submit projects or baskets that the class has worked on. Some of the projects are really fun -

One of the 8th grade classes is putting together a scrapbook of all of their years at the school

One of the 2nd grade classes is making a cookie jar and putting in cookie recipes that the kids bring from home

The 5th grade classes are embroidering quilt blocks and making two quilts

Missy's 4th grade class all brought in bags of their favorite chocolate. Then they did a writing assignment describing their favorite chocolate. I made a scrapbook that has a picture of each kid and his/her writing and a little clear envelope that says what their favorite chocolate is.

We usually raise about $45,000 each year at the gala! I hope we do that well this year!




Lauren said...

My son, a rising 3rd grader, goes to a pre-k through 8th grade school, where I'm helping with a fundraiser this Fall. As it's mostly geared towards grades 5 and under, I'm attempting to plan a 6-8 dance...Any tips?